LinkedUp Veni Competition – 10 days to go!

Could you create a guidance system to help self-learners search and select online courses that seem to best suit their needs? Could you find a way to make research papers more easily readable by less-advanced learners, and help make them more accessible? Or have you any thoughts on how teachers in the developing world can benefit from the open resources freely available online?

Time is ticking away, and there are just 10 days left to enter the Veni Competition! With a prize fund of 5,000 EUR, we are looking for innovative and robust prototypes and demos for tools that analyse and/or integrate linked and open web data for educational purposes.

We’ve already received some really interesting submissions, and are really looking forward to the final entries, so please don’t forget to submit your prototype or demo by 27 June!

Although the deadline is soon, it’s not too late if you haven’t started yet! At this stage we’re looking for interesting prototypes and demos, rather than fully fledged large-scale systems ready for deployment. You can find some inspiration in our use cases. While you can use any linked and/or open data, we have complied a catalogue of linked data sets for your use, and set up a developer blog with recipes and tips, including ‘How to Get Started With the LinkedUp DataSet Catalog’.

More information about the Competition can be found in a previous blog post on the LinkedUp website or on the LinkedUp Challenge website. If you have any questions, please feel free to send the LinkedUp team a tweet or an email.

Don’t forget, the deadline is 27 June 2013. We look forward to hearing from you!

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