Tools & Applications

Below is a list of educational applications and tools which are either making use of or generate Linked Data.


  • Website:
  • Info: Talis Aspire allows universities to create online course resource packs for students and runs on top of the Talis Platform.
  • Used data sets & schemas: Publishes linked data according to Resource List Ontology, the Acadmic Institution Internal Structure Ontology (AIISO), the Bibliographic Ontology (BIBO) and related schemas (see schemas and vocabularies for details).



  • Website:
  • Info: Metamorphosis+ is a social environment for sharing educational resources. While providing its own educational data store; it offers also search features to discover educational resources from distributed Web repositories.
  • Used data sets & schemas: mEdcuator educational resources amongst others


  • Website:
  • Info: U-Seek is a search system of educational ICT tools. It provides a user interface to compose complex queries and to access the data from SEEK-AT-WD (see Data Sets for details).
  • Used data sets & schemas: SEEK-AT WD amongst others.