Welcome to Linked Education

LinkedEducation.org is an open platform aimed at further promoting the use of Linked Data for educational purposes.

While sharing and reusing educational data across institutional and national boundaries is a general goal for both the public and the private education sector, the last decade has seen a large amount of research dedicated to Web-scale interoperability. The Linked Data approach – based W3C standards such as RDF and a set of successful principles – has evolved as the general standard for sharing data on the Web and led to vast amounts of publicly available data sets, and a multiplicity of Linked Data-consuming applications which provide added-value services. However, there is only limited take-up of Linked Data principles in the educational field.

LinkedEducation.org aims at sharing resources and information related to educational Linked Data. In particular, it aims at facilitating and promoting the Web-scale sharing of educational data & resources based on state-of-the-art Linked Data principles. It provides a forum for researchers as well as practitioners in the fields of Web-based education and semantic technologies to share and discuss related data sets, schemas, applications or events and to identify best practices. While interlinking of data is one of the fundamental Linked Data principles to promote interoperability, it is the ultimate goal of LinkedEducation.org to identify best practices as well potential links between individual resources in order to contribute to a well-interlinked educational Web of Data.

If you are interested in further information, want to get involved or discuss experiences, please send an email to info@linkededucation.org.

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