Learning Analytics & Knowledge (LAK) Data Challenge launched

Recently, Linked Education, SOLAR and the LinkedUp project released the LAK dataset, making available metadata as well as full text of a range of publications about learning analytics and educational data mining. Data has been published according to Linked Data principles but is also available as (RDF/XML) dumps (see here for details).

This data represents an unprecedented resource for related research, which will be encouraged by the LAK Data Challenge. A number of incentives and rewards (iPads amongst others) are on offer for innovative applications tackling topics such as:

  • Analysis & assessment of the emerging LAK community in terms of topics, people, citations or connections with other fields
  • Innovative applications to explore, navigate and visualise the dataset (and/or its correlation with other datasets)
  • Usage of the dataset as part of recommender systems

For further details about incentives, submission and evaluation, please see the Website of the LAK Data Challenge.

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