LinkedUp – Linking Web Data for Education

Though it has been quiet for some time since the last posting, a great many interesting things were and are happening in the area. Most notably, we are really excited to announce that the LinkedUp project (“LinkedUp – Linking Web Data for Education Project”) has started. Funded by the EU in the FP7 programme, LinkedUp will advance the adoption of open Web data, in particular for educational purposes.

In practice, that means that you can expect exciting developments in open linked data for education. Particularly:
  • The LinkedUp Challenge: will identify, support and promote highly innovative applications and technologies which exploit open Web data
  • Curated datasets: LinkedUp will build on previous activities (such as Linked Education) and catalog and curate open Web data to make it accessible for data consumers, in particular in educational contexts.
  • Evaluation Framework: the LinkedUp evaluation framework (metrics, methods, benchmarks) can be reused and instantiated to evaluate Open Web Data applications in particular in the educational domain.
  • Web data success stories: applications and use cases identified during the LinkedUp Challenge will help data consumers the education sector to capitalise on open web data
We are very happy to have partners on this project from both academia and the business environment, ensuring that a wide variety of use case scenarios will be covered. In addition, we have established links with a number of renowned associated partners assisting in gathering resources and building a community of open web data practitioners in the education space. Finally, we are extremely pleased to announce our renowned advisory board. The kick-off meeting was held last month in Hannover kindly hosted by the L3S Research Center. It would be great to hear from you if you are interested in our project and we welcome your participation and input. Follow us on Twitter , subscribe to our public mailing list or get otherwise in touch. We would love to hear from you!

For more information:

More news to come throughout the next weeks

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